Brush Beat is a website for drummers who enjoy all things brushes related.  In the articles section you can read all about the origins of brush playing in Never Swat a Fly, about the development of the wire brush in What Swat and learn some 'new' moves by working through the tutorial Early Jazz-Styles for Brushes.  There is also a selection of 'brush breaks' through the ages (an ongoing project).  More articles are in the pipeline, so be sure to drop by from time-to-time.
Brushbeat News
15th Jan 2015: Added a video in the tips & tricks section that demonstrates how I play rimshots.
I am pleased to announce that I finished writing my book last September.  It's about barber-musicians and their role in the development of brush playing. If you enjoyed the section about whisk broom playing in the article Never Swat a Fly, you should enjoy this book. Unfortunately the references and notes are taking a lot longer to sort out than anticipated, so the final work won't be published until later this year.
22nd Feb 2014: Added another video that demonstrates a good way to play crushed/press rolls using rebound from the rim.  Scroll down a little, just past the 5 stroke roll video.
Still working on my book.  Realistically, it's not going to be out until the end of this year.  It'll be worth the wait though!
22nd Jan 2013: Added a quick video showing how to play a simple 12/8 groove.  Just click on the "Tips & Tricks" tab.  The article that I've been working on (as mentioned in previous updates) has developed into a book, which I'm finishing at the moment.  Details to follow in a few months.  Stay tuned!
21st Aug 2012: Added a video in the "Tips and Tricks" section (scroll down) demonstrating one way to play rim-click with wooden-handled brushes.
3rd June 2012: Added a short video demonstrating a couple of ways to get a more authentic hi-hat sound from brushes.
4th May 2012: Still working on my next article.  A ridiculous amount of research involved, so it will be another few months until it is published online.
14th Dec 2011: I've updated Never Swat a Fly to incorporate a snippet of info from Danny Barker's autobiography.  It strengthens the evidence for suitcase drumming being common across the south during the early 1920s.
A couple of new articles are in the pipeline.  The first should be online early in the new year.
29th Nov 2011: A short biography of Frank 'Josh' Billings has been added to the articles section.
6th Nov 2011: Both Art Hickman transcriptions (see Articles section) have been updated following my discovery of reasonably clean on-line recordings at the Library of Congress site.  Also, a biographical article about Frank 'Josh' Billings is near completion and will be published soon.

Big Sid Catlett jamming with Sidney Bechet